Braided Leather Bracelet / Gold Dots / Regular
Braided Leather Bracelet / Gold Dots / Regular

Braided Leather Bracelet / Gold Dots / Regular

The item for sale in this listing is a size REGULAR.
Your wrist must measure 6.25" - 6.75" or this item will not fit you.

These bracelets are 100% genuine leather & 100% handmade!
These bracelets will come with a brushed silver FL (Flourish Leather) logo snap.

Prior to purchasing please make sure of your wrist size. To get the most accurate measurement please use a soft-sided measuring tape. Since leather does stretch a bit it's always best to size it to fit your wrist exactly.

Please let us know if you have any questions prior to ordering!

 Our braids are made with our own two hands... in our home... in the rolling hills of Missouri. We take pride in our items and only offer the highest quality in leather & service.

++ Neat Idea! Add a few drops of essential oils on the backside/nap of this leather to diffuse throughout the day! ++
(Depending on the leather it may cause slight discoloration. Essential oil scent will wear off after 3-4 days and a different oil may be applied!) ++



If your wrist measures: 
4.5" - 5.25" then you wear our KIDS size.
5.5" - 6" then you wear our SMALL size.
6.25" - 6.75" then you wear our REGULAR size.
7" - 7.5" then you wear our LARGE size.
7.5" - 8" then you wear our EXTRA LARGE size.
If you need assistance finding out your wrist size, please email us: