We are Flourish Leather Co! Nice to meet you!

On the right is Danielle she is the owner and operator of Flourish Leather Co. She started the company in 2011. When Danielle started the company she was really hoping to bring in a small income to pay for some extra bills during a hard time in her life.... however, just 12 short years later she gets to stay at home with her 2 daughters and her husband. Flourish Leather Co is now her full-time job!

On the left is Chauncey! He is the main production guy and uses all of our heavy equipment to make everything from leather jewelry to manufacturing! He's also the head chef in our home, super-dad, and a VERY loving & supportive husband.

On the far left is Lotus! She is our spunky 10 year old who is the real reason we tried to make Flourish Leather Co WORK for us! She has a hand in Flourish Leather by helping us pick out leather, helping with social media, and adding serious value to our lives by just existing!

The youngest pictured is our newest family member - Sequoia! She is 5 years old and is our driving force to continue to make Flourish Leather work so we can continue to stay at home with our girls.

When we are not working we are making memories with our daughters by taking them on road trips and homeschooling. We value making family memories and feel like we are especially blessed to be able to stay at home full-time with our family.

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