Flourish Leather Co RANDO Scoop

Flourish Leather Co RANDO Scoop

Are you ready for the most intelligent thing I've ever done? Sure you are. 

Introducing the Flourish Leather Co Scoop! What is it? Well, I will hand pull random leathers from our giant random leather bin and make YOU some rad items for YOU. 

Why do this? 

Well, all the leathers are fab and make great unique leather pieces. This way you don't have to choose and let me be the artist and make you something unique and fun! Plus ordering this way gives you a discount and who doesn't love that? Answer: People wearing crazy pants - unless your crazy pants do love a discount and then for that statement I apologize. 

Select from the drop down boxes below! 

You can select: 
3 Items
5 Items 
7 Items 

Then make sure to add in your favorite items aka braids, earrings, whatever and we will make you something rad! 

AND don't be shy! We will be posting it ALL on Instagram! Every scoop order we get (I mean unless this takes off and we're getting gobs of them) will be posted in a story or reel on Insta to show off how COOL and unique this idea really is! 

Ready to get your scoop on? 

** Video is an EXAMPLE! Each scoop will be different! **

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