Snap Storage System / 34 Snaps / White Gold
Snap Storage System / 34 Snaps / White Gold
Snap Storage System / 34 Snaps / White Gold

Snap Storage System / 34 Snaps / White Gold

Welcome to the future of storing your Flourish Leather Co bracelets! 
In walks.... the Flourish Leather Co snap storage system!

This amazing storage system is completely unique to our company and works with OUR FL branded snaps! You've never seen anything like this amazing little system before.

Hang this up on your wall, in a bathroom, behind your bedroom door, or in your closet and all of your Flourish Leather cuffs will stay out of your way yet perfectly organized and neat. Keeps your braids, cuffs, sliced wraps and cuffs all tucked away nicely while keeping them straight and headache free. 

This storage system is meant for the braided bracelets & slim style cuffs and holds a total of 34 bracelets. On each side of the system is a grommet so you can hang it wherever is convenient for you.

*Hardware is NOT included, you will need to provide your own hook/nail/screw, or hardware to attach this system to your wall/door/closet.*

The 34 snap system measures: 19-5/8" in length & 1.5" in width. 

*Example in photo for size reference, only!*
*34 Snap vs 17 Snap photo for size reference, only!*

Looking for a way to store your wider cuffs? Try our 17 Snap system! 



If your wrist measures: 
4.5" - 5.25" then you wear our KIDS size.
5.5" - 6" then you wear our SMALL size.
6.25" - 6.75" then you wear our REGULAR size.
7" - 7.5" then you wear our LARGE size.
7.5" - 8" then you wear our EXTRA LARGE size.
If you need assistance finding out your wrist size, please email us:
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